R.I.P. Longhairdontcare2011

RIP Longhairdontcare2011, Domineque Banks

Popular natural hair YouTube personality Longhairdontcare2011 has died. She was 27.

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Oakland Teen Has 5.0 GPA And 2100 SAT

Oakland Teen Akintunde Ahmad Has 5.0 GPA and 2100 SAT

Oakland student Akintunde Ahmad’s calls himself an “regualr street dude.” But his 5.0 GPA and perfect SAT score prove he’s far from ordinary.

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Meet Twin Dancers Nia And Imani

Twin dancers Nia and Imani

Another story of young naturals doing it big. Click to learn more about up-and-coming dancers Nia and Imani.

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Coconut Oil Benefits For Health, Skin, And Hair

Coconut oil benefits

For part 2 of our coconut oil series we’re diving into some of its many benefits.

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Natural Hair Is A Fad And I Am OK With That

Natural Hair Is A Fad

There’s no right or wrong reason to go natural. We’re all natural for different reasons. For some, natural hair is a fad. And I’m OK with that.

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