2010 Concerts…Who’s On Your List?

I just saw Papa Roach in concert…and they rocked it! Man I had an excellent time! I love concerts. I used to go to one every few months but I’ve been slipping lately…money/time issues…you know how that is!

Anyway, Papa Roach is one of my five favorite bands so when I heard they were touring I had to go. I was not disappointed! Well, a little, but we’ll get to that later…
They opened with “Lifeline,” from their latest album, Metamorphosis, and ended with a classic, “Last Resort.” In between they played “Into the Light,” “Hollywood Whore,” “I Almost Told You That I Loved You,” “Forever,” “Scars,” “To Be Loved” and “Getting Away With Murder.” (I’m sure I missed some.)

The energy of the crowd was awesome and all the bands did a great job of playing to the audience. I hate going to concerts where the people are too cute to get buck That’s why I always buy the best seats I can…I like to be right up front, all in da bizness…

Now to the disappointment. My favorite Papa Roach album is Lovehatetragedy. Guess how many songs they did from that album? Zilch. Zero. Absolutely none! Man, I was hurt! Like dang, y’all, I couldn’t at least get “She Loves Me Not” ?

Oh, did I mention who else was there? Shinedown! That’s right…Shinedown lol They opened with my fave, “Sound of Madness.” If you don’t get hype when you hear this song then you must not have a heartbeat! They played a ton of songs, amongst them “Simple Man,” “If You Only Knew,” “The Crow & the Butterfly,” “Second Chance,” “Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide,” Devour” and “45.” They also did a duet of U2’s “Beautiful Day” with Papa Roach.

OK, there were two other bands there also…I think they were local? Halestorm and Papercut Massacre. Oh my goodness, Halestorm’s lead singer is a woman and her voice is and awesome! Very rough and raw, though lol If you closed your eyes you might think she was a dude.

Halestorm killed it, but when I got home and Google’d them I didn’t like it as much…still awesome live performers, though. Papercut Massacre, on the other hand, I fell in love with! I downloaded some of their stuff yesterday. Great in concert and on record. The song I really like is their hit “Left 4 Dead.” I dig the lead singer’s voice…sweet!

Overall, I had a ball and am so glad I went. Everyone did a great job! I appreciate how the bands seemed to give their all and fed off the crowd. In 2010 I’m jumping back on my concert wagon. I hope to see Sade, Limp Bizkit, Usher and Metallica.

What about you? Who do you wanna see in concert in 2010?

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