7-Year-Old Natalie McGriff Creates Natural Hair Superhero

The Adventures of Moxie Girl

Do you know a young girl with natural hair? Or a child with self-esteem issues? If so, Natalie McGriff has written a book just for you.

Natalie McGriff is a 7-year-old girl from Jacksonville, Florida, who told her mom she hated two things: reading and her natural hair.

She wanted straight hair “like everybody else” and reading was boring.

Natalie’s mom, Angela Nixon, knew this was a problem.

Nixon was teased for her natural hair as a child and didn’t want the same for her daughter. She told ABC News she wanted to “step in, boost her self-esteem, and foster a love of reading in her.”

Natalie McGriff - One Spark

That’s when the mother-and-daughter duo decided to write The Adventures of Moxie Girl, a book about a young girl who discovers her hair has superpowers.

The pair then began raising money for publication using a crowdfunding site, One Spark, which hosted a festival April 12.

They entered their book at the festival and won, beating out over 500 other entries in the Education category and winning a check for over $16,000.

“Love yourselves, love your hair, love your skin color,” Nixon said. “You’re beautiful and awesome.”

Right on.

Natalie McGriff and mom Angela Nixon

Natalie McGriff and mom Angela Nixon

The book will be published in June. Follow its progress on The Adventures of Moxie Girl Facebook page.

Celebrating natural hair every day.

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