Afros and Dreadlocks and Dragons, Oh My!

NHBG readers, I found my first two-headed dragon this month.

For those of you who aren’t yet hip to the lingo, a two-headed dragon is a loc with one root but two separate dreads, or heads. You can actually have three, four or five heads.

Dragons are a result of direct combining or when roots latch onto each other by their own accord. This is why people “pop” their dreads, to prevent them from marrying.

two-headed dragon

I do indeed pop my dreads so this caught me by surprise. A dread with a very very thin root latched on to a neighboring one.

If you look closely in the following pic, you can see the two separate roots:

two-headed dragon

You see that slim line of hair on the bottom? Yep, a dread was actually hanging from that root. So as you can guess, I think this dread stands a better chance in this marriage lol

The previous pics are from the beginning of the month. The following one is from yesterday, about three weeks later:

two-headed dragon

Many people combine the length of their dragons so that they’ll be just one dread. You can do this by wrapping them together with thread or simply twisting them and securing with a rubber band.

I considered doing so, but as you can see from the last picture, they’re already starting to join along the length on their own. Like I’ve said before, our hair really doesn’t need any help; it knows what it’s doing 🙂

As a matter of fact, I think I may stop separating at all. I’m not sure why I still do so anyway. I may become a true wash-n-go girl.

My fellow dreadheads, do you separate to prevent dragons? If not, how do you treat them? Do you combine the heads or just leave them be? Or do you separate to prevent dragons altogether?

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  1. I had locks in the past. I did separate, but I still have some that combined on their own. If it just started, I would pull them apart. If the connection was more substantial, I just let the happy couple be together.
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  2. Ness says:

    I don’t separate that often, i only do it when necessary. I only have one two headed dragon, and that one is at the back of my head, so nobody (and even myself)can barely notice. I had thought about sewing them together but decided not to, just because I kinda like it, and since it is only one, there’s no need to really make a big deal. I guess in a way I’m a wash and go girl because I don’t even seperate, I just wash (or rinse), towel/air dry, and that’s that.

  3. I love the hair lingo, that’s wicked!

  4. Rocket says:

    Hi, I’ve been a locwearer now for five years (a few days ago) and thought that i would tighten my locs (it’s been due for a while). But anyway, i made a grave error by combining two mature locks (in the front) and now have a long two headed dragon that can’t be undone. Any advise (feel really stupid right now)….

    • First, congrats on your 5-year mark. Do you have a Fotki or blog? I’d love to check you out.

      Silly question, but how did you combine them? Yo may be able to just do that along the length and combine them fully.

      At any rate, please don’t try to undo them. Let them live in peace and harmony lol We don’t want to break up a happy marriage.

      There are many ways to combine. I think the easiest would be to simply sew the dragon together. Check out this post:

      It’s just like sewing clothes. I tried to explain it thoroughly, but if it isn’t clear enough, let me know and I’ll YouTube it for you.

      You can also wrap them with colorful thread or just two-strand them and rubberband the ends until they mesh on their own.

      Or you could always just cut one head off, if that’s not sacrilegious to you 😉

      Thanks for dropping in. Hope to see you again.

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