Baking Soda: Not Just For Cooking

right side after baking soda deep cleanse

By nappy headed black girl | Published 15 August, 2012 | Full size is 1632 × 1224 pixels

right side after baking soda deep cleanse

left side after baking soda deep cleanse

Sorry about the mean mug. It was @ 572 degrees outside.

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  1. Tashina Houghton says:

    The first evidence of baking occurred when humans took wild grass grains, soaked them in water, and mixed everything together, mashing it into a kind of broth-like paste.The paste was cooked by pouring it onto a flat, hot rock, resulting in a bread-like substance. Later, this paste was roasted on hot embers, which made bread-making easier, as it could now be made any time fire was created. The Ancient Egyptians baked bread using yeast, which they had previously been using to brew beer.*”….

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