Black Friday And Cyber Monday Hair Sales

Sale tag.Hey, fam. Confessions of a Blog Vixen has a fantastic, comprehensive list of natural hair companies with special holiday deals.

Click here for 2013 Natural Hair Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Tell her Nappy Headed Black Girl sent you.

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  1. Thirsty Roots is having a sale on their apricot castor oil. I love that stuff! it’s way better than JBCO IMO

    Curlformers is also on sale 20% off!

  2. Rosary. M says:

    There is a valid reason in this season to celebrate more with Donatos Promo Codes one can buy a whole lot of food stuff all together with a huge discounts which no one would ever expect for this Christmas. Also the deals extended from Cyber Monday to New Year Day started for Black Friday

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