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Nappy Dreads Update October 2014

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This is my last hair update for the year.

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Man Monday

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This is how we do it every Monday on the Nappy Headed Black Girl Facebook page…

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Join The Nappy Headed Black Girl and Loc’d Glory Live Hangout

Nappy Headed Black Girl and Loc'd Glory Hangout

Tune in as I help answer questions during tomorrow’s Google+ Hangout on Loc’d Glory Radio, hosted by dreadlock veteran and popular YouTuber Quotidianlight.

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Natural Hair Bun Update

natural hair bun styles

I’ve been sticking to my new year’s resolution and working on my bun *pats self on back* Here’s a quick look at my progress.

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May 2014 Freeform Dreadlocks Update

Nappy Dreads Update - May 2014

We’re four months into the year. Here’s my progress video.

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