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Thoughts On Relaxers and Weaves As A Natural

Weaves and Relaxers as a Natural

Someone online asked my thoughts on weaves so I did a quick video to share my thoughts.

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Happy Birthday, Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Today we celebrate the legacy of Bob Marley, a man whose music changed the history of reggae and, some would argue, the world.

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Dating Someone With Dreadlocks

Dating someone with dreadlocks

Dating someone with dreadlocks? Maybe for the first time? Need to know how to navigate the waters for dating success? Then read on. I have you covered.

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Dating With Dreadlocks

Tips for dating with dreadlocks

Don’t let your hair differences interfere with your happily ever after.

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Mail Break: Fuzz Balls On Dreads

mail break

A reader writes in to find out why she wakes up with balls of fuzz on her dreads even though she sleeps with them covered.

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