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Edges: Get Some

Wanted: Edges

I’m here to help you reclaim your right to a full, healthy hairline. Here are the main offenders preventing you from having the hair you deserve.

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3 Summer Styles For Natural Hair

Hot weather.

No one wants to waste a beautiful summer day worrying about hair. Choose one of these summer-proof ‘dos for easy maintenance and simple style.

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Strawllers Tutorial

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You all know what a fan I am of Lock Loops, right? So I was intrigued when I came across a similar product online. They’re called Strawllers. And although the name is questionable, they look like they work pretty well. I haven’t tried them yet but I found this tutorial […]

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How To Prevent Lint In Your Dreadlocks

How To Prevent Lint In Dreadlocks

Discovering lint in your dreads can be very frustrating, especially when you’ve been on top of your maintenance. Lint is hard to get out and, to some, makes the hair dusty and neglected. So how can you keep your locks pristine and lint-free? You can’t. I repeat: You can’t. No matter […]

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3 Newbie Natural Hair Mistakes

Newbie Natural Hair Mistakes

This is a picture of me back in my early natural days. I was just figuring out what my hair needed and how to correctly take care of it. Here are three important things I learned along the way. Product Overload I know how hard it can be deciding what […]

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