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Del Natural | All Things Hair – What Stimulates Hair Growth Series

Del Natural All Things Natural Logo

If you haven’t checked out newcomer Jei Nandy’s natural hair blog, Del Natural | All Things Hair, you’re missing out on a gem. This week, March 11-17, she’s featuring a special series, What Stimulates Hair Growth, which highlights a different aspect of healthy hair growth every day. So head on […]

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Three Reasons You’re Not Retaining Length

measuring tape

“Black people don’t have long hair.” “It always breaks at the same point.” “My hair just doesn’t grow.” No, no, and no. Guess what? Your hair is growing, otherwise you wouldn’t need that touch-up/retwist/larger sleep bonnet. The problem’s not at the root…it’s at the ends. Breakage is the #1 culprit sabotaging your hair […]

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What Grease And Wax Do To Your Hair

hair grease and petrolatum experiment

Click here to watch on YouTube. Be down. Sign up.

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Mail Break: Preventing Flat Dreads

mail break

A letter from the NHBG inbox: How do to keep your dreads from going flat? I really want to freeform or semi freeform but I dont want my dreads to go flat[…]I love the idea of just letting my hair do its own thing.   First, congratulations on crossing over […]

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Baking Soda: Not Just For Cooking

baking soda deep cleanse

I drank the Kool-Aid, y’all. I’ve never had scalp problems or issues with buildup *knock on wood* But I’ve been seeing tons of baking soda & apple cider vinegar tutorials on YouTube lately that have convinced me that I need one. I’ll admit that I was shocked at some the […]

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