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nappy roots

Click here to watch on YouTube.

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#My Twitter Oath

NHBG is on Twitter

I’m finally on Da Twitta. Click here to watch on YouTube. Click here to follow me @nappyheadblkgrl.

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NHBG Featured In ‘Natural Bloom’

Natural Bloom

I’m featured in this month’s Natural Bloom, an e-zine published by Jc of The Natural Haven. The March issue is dedicated to short and chic natural styles.  Click the image (or click here) and see if you can spot the nappy headed black girl   Join the NHBG family.

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Second Day Hair

Lock Loops

After entertaining company for a few hours after the Image Awards I was tired and worn out. The plan was to keep my curls for at least the weekend. Normally I’d throw on my trusty stain bonnet and that would be enough to preserve the curls, no sleeping cute required: […]

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I’ve Been Tagged

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