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Spare Hair

spare hair

I’ve been finding crazy amounts of “spare hair” lately, and not just strands here and there. I’m talking about tufts of hair, like the one you see me stretching in the picture above. It’s enough to make a new dread. This is common amongst freeformers, and, if I’m not mistaken, manicured dreads […]

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Are Protein Treatments Necessary For Dreads?


Photo Courtesy I can’t remember the last time I did a protein treatment, but I know I definitely haven’t done one since I’ve been a dread. I know protein keeps the hair strong, but it hasn’t been a concern of mine lately. When I was loose it mattered because […]

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How To Take Pictures Of Your Hair

how to take hair pics

Use these basic tips to drastically improve the quality when you take pictures of your hair.

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Does Your Hair Smell…”Black”?

Stink face

  While browsing a beauty forum the other day, I came across a thread about good-smelling hair. The poster said one of the things that originally attracted her husband was her hair. He said it smelled wonderful, not like “typical black hair.” The first thing I did was *roll eyes* […]

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The Coil Review Spring 2010 Web Commercial

Coil Review editor Yardley Messeroux

I think this is the cutest natural hair commercial I’ve ever seen! When you’re done, be sure to swing on over to The Coil Review for natural hair products, research and photos.

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