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Um, thanks…I think?

My Last Puff

  Ever had someone give you a compliment that could double as a dig? You know, a complidig? #peepthewordgame Back when I was loose I used to rock my puff a lot. One day I was at work and this guy told me my hair looked “real soft and fluffy like […]

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Is Natural Hair For Everyone?

natural women

I’m not one of those natural women who believes the world would be a better place if everyone were natural.

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Top 3 Sun Care Basics

hair sun care

I finally had a chance to hit the beach this weekend. I hadn’t been in a while so the getaway was a welcome retreat. The high was 98 degrees and the water was easily 80. Although I enjoyed the warm sun on my body, I made sure to take the […]

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Are You Natural For Life?


Whenever I picture myself in the future it’s always with natural hair. I can say with almost certainty that I won’t be relaxing again.   Many women wobble back and forth, wondering every other week if they should relax or not. I don’t have that issue. Even when I was […]

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Essential Oil (Orange)

orange essential oil

Photo Credit I finally broke down and decided to join the essential oil bandwagon. It was really an issue of maximizing my money. I’m going to be making some homemade lip balm, so I had to purchase some oil for that anyway. Since I already had the oil, I decided […]

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