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Share Your 2018 Natural Hair Goals

2018 Natural Hair Goals

I only have one natural hair goal for 2018: You. This year Nappy Headed Black Girl will focus more on its readers and supporters. Come check out how…

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2016 New Year YouTube Giveaway

2016 new year giveaway

Start the new year with some free stuff. Chea!

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My Hair Is Longer Than Yours

My hair is longer than yours

If you’re a woman, there’s a good chance my hair is longer than yours #imjustsayin

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Nappy Dreads Update October 2014

youtube logo

This is my last hair update for the year.

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Your Natural Hair Journey Is A Joke

Your Natural Hair Journey Is A Joke | Nappy Headed Black Girl

I’m all for exploring, but 25 life-changing epiphanies in two weeks? #cmonson. Your natural hair journey is a joke. Here’s why.

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