Children And Dreadlocks – Your Thoughts?

child with dreadlocks
A while back I asked my Facebook fans what they thought about children having dreadlocks and if they would allow their children to have them.

I was shocked that almost everyone who responded had no problem at all with this.

Most of the people I know in real life are against children with dreads. They think it looks messy/dirty or they don’t believe a child is ready to make such a big (permanent) decision.

What do you think of children and dreadlocks? Good idea or bad? Why?

Let’s talk hair.

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  1. khardelya says:

    I guess that would depend on how the parents plan to maintain them or use the freeform method. Now, I don’t like retwisting q 4wks or so like some but I am concerned the backlash from peers and sometimes teachersor other professionals. Other than that concern, I love seeing children w/ locs..I’ve seen locs that are beautiful and healthy (freeformed & twisted)and I’ve seen them full of lint & very dry looking..

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      When you say you’re concerned about backlash do you mean backlash against you as the parent?

      And yes, I think it’s more difficult to keep a child’s dreads clean simply because the’re so active and get into everything. I think this is a big concern of parents.

      • khardelya says:

        yes on the parent b/c we are often judged as to how clean our children look. I don’t like to hear adults talk about how bad a childs’ hair looks in front of other children..Children will repeat everything they hear…

        You’re right it is difficult to keep locs clean on a child..but some folks just don’t understand the commitment to keep locs clean not just retwisted..

  2. Stacie says:

    I commented earlier that, I think they are beautiful on children. My 4 yr old asks for them almost everyday. I told her when she was 5 if she still wanted them I would get them for her…I do however wish she was older…at least 10 years old. I would like for her to experience more style selection…braids, etc. she is so active rt now (gymnastics and swimming) locs would be perfect for her.

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      Dreads sound like a good solution for her right now since she’s so active. Maybe when she gets older and more into boys/her looks she’ll want to take them out. But by then she’ll be able to say she experienced them.

  3. MsKat says:

    I think that as long as the parents remember that locs are NOT a no maintenance hairstyle, it can look really cute on kids. On kids they could take almost as much work as a regular hairstyle, depending on the child’s temperament; if it’s one of those kids that always seems to come home every day with a rip in their clothes, grass and mud stains, etc, that child’s hair will take more maintenance to keep it looking good and keep it healthy and clean. I don’t necessarily agree with young kids getting them, as it is a more or less permanent decision requiring cutting or a very lengthy process to remove. But, although my kids (if I had any) would not receive locs until they were old enough to decide on their own and help in maintaining them, that does not mean it’s not the right decision for another mom. I have a friend whose 2 kids, one 3 the other 5, have locs, and they are absolutely adorable.

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      I suppose it depends on the individual child as well. I’ve seen children with dreads and I always wonder if they’ll have them for life or if they’ll tire of them and want something different.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with children wearing locs as long as they are maintained. I have been loc’d for 8 years and my husband over 10. We decided to loc my youngest hair when she was 2 (she is 3 now). She wore them for a little over 3 months and I decided to wait until she was old enough to decide. 🙂 You can check that journey out here:
    My Baby Girls Curls recently posted..Product Review: OBIA NaturalMy Profile

  5. Iris says:

    Hi Everyone:
    I believe locks for a child are a wonderful opportunity for the child and the parent. Considering children learn concepts of beauty, grooming and subconscious social queues from us, it seems like the next step in true hair care liberty. The social norm of chemically styled hair reinforced by every generation was once never second guessed. Although it is reinstated by every mode of advertisement, I’ve never met an eighty year old woman who said “Honey, the best perm to get is . . . . .” or “I wish I would have gotten a perm earlier.” Or “I still love my perm.” Shucks, I can’t say I’ve met an elder who still enjoys any type of heat treatment now that I think about it. Most of my elders are rocking their natural hair like they ran into an amazing freedom. Granted they often do not labor over their hair as they used to, but to rock your natural flowing hair is a gift every parent should be encourage to ‘decide’ for their child. Now that there are options it would be most advantageous to have our children enjoy the advantages of locks early on. By the time they are teenagers they can reap the benefit of long luxurious locks without restraint to physical activities or social events. They truly learn from us and loving our coaly hair will come naturally to them. When they age out of our care they can make well informed decisions. I love the thought that my daughter will be free to experience her locks as she ages without running from the rain and or humidity. I would rather have her learn and love the care of her locked hair than learn and loath the restraints of other styles.

  6. Jenny says:

    I’m new to this but my husband brought up dreads to me in regards to my 5 yr old daughter? I’m worried about maintenance because we live on a very fixed income and I have carpal tunnel so my hands hut everyday but I’m also wondering how long it takes to put in and are they able to be taken out??

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