Chris-Tia Donaldson Of TGIN Featured On “Windy City Live”

Congratulations to Chris-Tia Donaldson for her appearance on “Windy City Live,” the #1 morning show in Chicago.  Here she is speaking about her natural products company, Thank God It’s Natural.

When you’re done watching, check out my YouTube review of a her products and my blog review of her book, Thank God I’m Natural.

(If you’re unable to view the video for any reason, please click the “Windy City Live” link above.)

Join the natural hair party.


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  1. cb says:

    good clip, she reminds me so much of the Mowry sisters…the look,speech, mannerisms…the host crack me up by sniffing the product pause and said it smells good…lol

  2. nappy headed black girl says:

    Hehe…you’re right. She does sorta remind me of the twins back in the day. It’s a combination of the hair, voice, and mannerisms.

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