Concert Hair

me and fred durst
Groupie Love

Remember the concert I went to a while back? It included the bands Trapt, Buckcherry, Sick Puppies, Aaron Lewis (of Staind) and headliners Limp Bizkit.

And before you ask:
1 Yes, Limp Bizkit is still alive
2 Yes, they’re still making music
3 Yes, people actually pay to see them

As a matter of fact, that’s me and lead singer Fred Durst in the pic 🙂

So this is what I wore. (Yes, that’s a Limp Bizkit patch on my shirt. I’m such a lame lol)

limp bizkit

I wore my hair in three ponys that looked something like this:

3 ponys

The concert was a blast. Every act was worth seeing alone and I was really close to the stage.

I love open concerts because they’re first come, first served. No assigned seats; if you get there first, you’re up front.

I got some awesome! video and my girl caught a pick from Buckcherry’s guitar player.


Fred stayed after the concert and signed autographs. He also came to the afterparty and took pictures (that’s where I got mine). He was really chill and after the show I’m even more of a fan.

What was the last concert you’ve been to? How did you rock your hair?

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