Dating Someone With Dreadlocks

Dating someone with dreadlocks

This is the second part of a two-part series. Click here to read part one, “6 Tips For Dating With Dreadlocks.”

So you’re dating someone with dreadlocks. Congratulations. We’re smart, funny, and not too hard on the eyes. (And not at all full of ourselves 😎 )

You may be a little curious about your partner’s hair, especially if it’s your first time dating a dread. That’s understandable. Maybe you’re a bit nervous about what to expect or how to adjust.

No worries. Read these six tips and you’ll be a dreadlock dating expert in no time.

The don'ts of dating someone with dreadlocks

Don’t Stereotype

Yes, we wash our hair. Yes, we listen to music besides Reggae. No, we don’t all smoke weed. And no, we’re not all Jamaican or Rasta.

Just as every relaxed person is different and all redheads aren’t the same, dreadheads are individuals. We chose our paths for different reasons ranging from spiritual to fashion to just wanting to grow some hair. Leave your stereotypes at the door and actually get to know who you’re dating.

Don’t touch

Some people find dreadlocks sexy. I knew a woman who only dated men with locs, and I’ve seen strangers touch a dread’s head without permission. I get the attraction and the curiosity but touching someone’s hair is a no-no. It’s called personal space. Respect it.

Anyone with a TWA or a baldie will tell you a person’s head and hair can be very sensual. The same applies to dreads. No one likes to be pawed. And if a person dreads for spiritual or religious reasons, their hair is sacred. So if you’re just starting to date, don’t assume because your partner has dreads it’s OK for you to touch. You have to earn that trust. Exercise a bit of common courtesy and ask first.

Don’t make “suggestions”

“Your dreadlocks would look soooo much better if you twisted/grew/colored/cut/curled them.” This statement is low-key insulting. You’re basically saying what they have now isn’t good enough. And nobody wants to hear that, especially if s/he didn’t ask for your opinion to begin with.

This is a tricky tip. I’m not saying you can’t speak up. After all, you’re dating. But there’s a way to go about it. And you have to earn your way up to that point. Hair can be a sensitive supject, particularly for women. Tread carefully and always speak from a place of love.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Duke says:

    All so true. The next topic pertaining to dreads & romance should be What turns you on about dreadlocks.

  2. Jolie says:

    excellent post. I wish more people would read this!!!!!!

  3. Dee says:

    This might be TMI, but while my rastaman makes love to me, I can’t help but to touch his locks as I caress him, I love it! But as was mentioned here, I did just recently ask him how he felt about it. And I did let him know that I only touch with respect and love. He’s at work so I’m still eagerly waiting for his response…
    P.S. he is my first rastaman, and hopefully the one man I will be with forever. I am always online to get answers to questions! I want to learn everything if possible!

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