Emily James, 3, Donates Hair To Cancer Patients

Emily James - FlyPress Films

Meet Emily James. She’s a three-year-old who’s about to donate her locks because she “doesn’t want any kids to be sad that they have no hair.”

This video touched me. We do a lot to our hair…damage it with ill-kept weaves, subject it to daily abuse, and even using vaginal creams for growth.

Watching Emily is refreshing. It’s good to put this hair thing in perspective sometimes.

See Emily’ below, then click the link to learn more about her on YouTube.

Would you consider donating your hair? Have you?

Let’s keep in touch.

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  1. Very sweet of her. I’d never do it. I know that seems selfish. It’s just taking me way too long to grow my hair to where I’m even comfortable with it and the thought of chopping off large amounts for any reason makes me cringe. I know it would take many years for it to grow back.

    As we age, our hair growth slows. I aint got time to keep growing new hair lol.

    Now about that Monistate….I can’t even. I still don’t believe ppl do that. I mean I do some things for hair growth too but they are simple things like taking vitamins and massaging my scalp with a natural oil (and maybe a little inversion). I limit it right there. If I can’t grow with just these methods then that’s it.
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