Huetiful Salon Opening in Atlanta

Huetiful Salon

I received this email today and wanted to share with you. And yes, this is from the maker of the praised Huetiful hair steamer.

Announcing the GRAND OPENING of the Huetiful Salon in Atlanta, GA.

Whether you have natural, relaxed, straight, curly or coily hair, the Huetiful Salon, home of the Huetiful nanoSMOOTHING System is the perfect salon for you! Conveniently loacated in Midtown Atlanta, the Huetiful Salon is for any woman on the go striving to receive the very best in healthy hair are.

Let us help you hydrate, strengthen, and nanoSMOOTH your tresses. Our hair are professionals can’t wait to assist you in achieving your healthy hair goals!

The time is NOW! Visit to book your appointment get $20 off of your initial nanoSMOOTHING treatment.

Sign up today.

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  1. cb says:

    wow, this natural hair movement is something…businesses are truly taking advantage of getting the dollar

    • Yep, it’s a double-edged sword. I think it’s good businesses are recognizing more men and women are leaving the chemicals alone. But I also feel some of them are taking advantage of the natural hair explosion with ridiculously overpriced services.

      Part of this is because we have so many people new to natural hair. Newbies don’t always research and are happy to fork over money so they don’t “mess up their hair.”
      nappy headed black girl recently posted..Natural Hair At Taste Of Soul My Profile

    • Ken Burkeen says:


      In 2009, Huetiful (which is a 100% African-American owned company) launched to provide more natural products and services to women who want to wear their hair natural or with chemical treatments. Our research showed that more than 25% of women of color claim to have damaged hair.

      While we acknowledge that we’re not offering $40 relaxers, we are offering two things in our salon that we’ve found that most salons don’t offer.

      1. We never double book a client. Their time is valuable so we get them in and out. When you book an appointment we guarantee the start time and our stylist will only work with one client at a time.

      2. We don’t have cheap, chemical solutions that damage hair.

      The combination of these two approaches requires us to charge a premium. It is not because we’re trying to rip our own community off. It is because we are not going to have 4 people parked under a hair dryer while we work a 5th client.

      The Huetiful Salon believes that the premium (maybe $20 per appointment) far exceeds having to spend extra time AND worry about having damaged hair. It is a unique approach that we believe will be successful. If you’d like to experience the Huetiful Salon and our services that are based on thousands of research respondents, please come to us. I would love to provide you with a FREE consultation.

      Ken Burkeen
      Founder and CEO, Huetiful

  2. Diana Broomfield says:

    Hi I live in Monroe, Louisiana and have been natural for about 3 years now. I used to get my hair braided but experienced breakage due to very tight braiding. I’ve come to the conclusion to try and care for my own hair but haven’t found the right products for my 4c, very dry, brittle and easy to break off hair. Any advice??

  3. AgeinATL says:

    I received MAJOR heat damage after a visit to the Huetiful salon in Atlanta. I went in for a blow out and trim and left with tons of heat damage. It is so severe that I can no longer wear a wash n go because the front of my hair is completely straight. After the blow out, my hair was SUPER dry and I had quite a bit of breakage. I do NOT recommend this salon.

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