Don’t Tell Me How to Rock My Hair

Black woman natural hair dreadlocks.

It’s been a minute since I’ve issued a Negro, Please alert. But on this fine day, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our latest recipient, actor Isaiah Washington.

So there was Twitter, minding its own business, when ya boy decided to drop this golden nugget of wisdom:


I didn’t realize wearing weave caused emotional damage. That’s deep, my brotha.

But before I could even finish rolling my eyes, someone got him straight for me:



People are obsessed with how we wear our hair. We’re dragged for wearing weave and mocked for keeping it natural.

Another person responded to his tweet, asking, “shouldn’t everyone be able to wear whatever they want and not being shamed or judged for it?”

To which he replied:


But here’s the kicker: I don’t have to defend my hair choices. And neither do you.

Instead of calling out our “queens” with thinly veiled shade we should be wondering why grown folks are so concerned with our hair in the first place.

Y’all know how I roll. Nappy Headed Black Girl is about being unapologetically you. Rock your baldie. Kill that fro. Fling the weave.

And as for Mr. Washington, I shall remain unbothered.

My naps, my business. Stay out of it.


Don’t worry. Be nappy.

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