I’ve Been A Knotty Girl

I have wanted to try bantu knots (china bumps) for some time now and found this wonderful tutorial by Cee of My Dreadlocks. I’d hinted that she should do a post on them and she took the time to do one just for me love smileys

I started with my normal wash and condition. No gel, setting lotion or hair tools were used. (Click any pic to enlarge.)


I had my spray bottle of water close by to keep my hair moist. I began by grabbing a section of dreads and twisting.


When the section was fully twisted it started it curl around itself. Following the direction, I wrapped the section around its base and pulled the ends through the hole. Think tying a knot in a bag.


Here’s my completed head. You can see that I made the sections pretty large.



You can also see that I have a ton of ends sticking out through the holes, and therefore I’ll have lots of straight ends in the final result

I forgot to time myself but my hair was still damp when I finished. My hair is fine and dries quickly so it couldn’t have taken too long.

I covered up with my trusty satin bonnet and hit the sack.

And here’s the big reveal the next morning:


The front was looking all kinds of crazy! So I broke out the old standby, my headbands.



Surprise, surprise…straight hairs everywhere! I attribute this to two things:

  • My hair wasn’t completely dry when I took it down
  • I had way too many loose, unwrapped ends

My final verdict? Not what I wanted but better than I expected.

I like the look because it was fast and easy. However, I would like to perfect it to the point where I can wear my entire head knotted up, rock it that way for a minute, then release them and get a few more days. (I’m all about the most bang for the buck. )

I kept these in for a week. Click here to see how they held up.

So, my wonderful NHBG readers, do you have any suggestions for next time? And for goodness sake, will someone please tell me how to get rid of all the straight ends?


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  1. Cee says:

    Hey Nappy Girl,

    Which straight ends you complaining about??? They are looking soo good I feel like doing Bantu knots tonight 😀 They are looking amazing.

    The headband is a great idea, I do the same *wink*.
    Cee recently posted..Neglect- Free-form and organic locks- what’s the differenceMy Profile

  2. the end result is gorgeous! love the big curls


  3. L.A. Chocklit says:

    I absolutely love the title of your article! Love the big reveal also. Think your locs turned out nice.

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