Lock Loops Revisited & 43rd NAACP Image Awards

43rd NAACP Image Awards

I got the hookup on tickets to this year’s NAACP Image Awards (hookup=free). Thank goodness I didn’t pay for them ’cause we were darn near at the very top of the building.

Looking down at the stage made me dizzy. I could tell what color the presenters were wearing but not what the actual articles of clothing were. I didn’t know who was on stage until the announcer said it. Seriously scuba diving in menorca

I had fun, though, because I went with family and friends. If you missed the awards, all you really need to Google are Jill Scott and Yolanda Adams. Jill’s performance was my favorite, and Yolanda did a Whitney tribute.

I had to get fancified so I did my default “dressy” style, Lock Loops. I forgot to take pics beforehand (sorry!), but here’s how my hair turned out:

NAACP Image Awards

And one pic from the end of the night before I turned in:


I think I’ve only used my Lock Loops twice since my first time. My hair’s grown since then but I still used the same amount of loops. These curls remain one of my favorite styles, mainly due to simplicity and comfort (I slept in them without a problem). They even looked good for days to come.

Did you catch the Image Awards? What was your favorite part?



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  1. trese says:

    I like :o) YOur locs has grown.

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