Long Hair? Don’t Care

gabrielle union real hair

“Twitter Thirst,” starring Gabrielle Union as Rapunzel

A black woman with hair is the 8th Wonder of the World.

Add that to your history books, NHBG fam.

Judging by the current celebrity trend of posting hair length pics, a black woman with her own substantial amount of hair is indeed a modern marvel.

As a hair geek, I’m always excited to see hair pics, but from a celebrity it reeks of thirst.

Toya Wright's Real Hair

Are we gonna talk about those edges? No? OK, moving on…

Is your hair beautiful? Sure.

Is it healthy looking? I suppose.

Should it be? Umm…yeah.

You have an arsenal of stylists and various yes-people ready to primp, plump, and present you to the world. Your hair should be laid for the gawds.

Now of course there are exceptions to this. Exhibit A, Ms. Naomi Campbell:



Better yet, make that Exhibits A through infinity…

So yeah, healthy hair isn’t a given for anyone, and it’s not something to turn your nose up at. It takes work and dedication for the average person to achieve and maintain healthy hair.

But as a celebrity, and one who weaves it up 99.99% of the time, essentially protective styling around the clock, you get no gold star from me.

Especially when you tweet some mess like Nicki Minaj did:

nicki minaj real hair

Harpo, who dis woman?

Is that a weave track attached to a mannequin head? Real from VH1?  A unicorn tail?

Girl, bye.

But despite my feelings on the topic, as a natural hair blogger I feel I must add my contribution. So here ya go:

100% natural


100% natural, baby, and I grew it all by myself.


Let’s talk hair.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Jonelle Doss says:

    Thank you for this post. I totally feel the same way. Who really cares.

  2. Haley Rhine says:

    It seems so very attention whore-ish IMO. I’m not here for secret celeb pics. Where your hair how you want. You don’t have anything to prove to anyone. If you want to talk about your hair contact Nikki, BGLH, whoever and do a dang interview.
    Haley Rhine recently posted..DIY Pineapple Beauty TreatmentMy Profile

  3. ~L says:

    This is why we love you. Honest, and of course funny. I agree with you. |When you can pay someone to take care of your hair around the clock, it would be shocking if it wasn’t healthy (i.e. Naomi Campbell).

  4. Keelii says:

    Hilarious! I know I’m a day late and a dollar short reading your post but you came 100 on truth! THANK YOU!

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