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Erik - locs

Location: Detroit, MI

I’ve had my locs for two years as of Jan. 24th, 2015. I had long braids as a kid and was forced to cut my hair. One day I just decided to let it grow and twisted it up.

I had a friend who started his locs around the time I cut my braids and his are waist length now so it’s always in the back of my mind of how long they could have been.

I wash my hair when I feel like I need to. The first year, I was twisting once a month but this second year I’ve twisted maybe five times.

When I feel like I need to moisturize I use Dr. Bronner’s soap and either coconut, almond, grapeseed, or castor oil.

Three words that describe my hair? Black. Nappy. Clean.

Erik - dreadlocks

If I could have done one thing differently in my locing process, I would have definitely taken more time parting them at first and not used Jamaican Mango Lime locking gel for my initial twists. The very ends still haven’t loc’d completely.

My advice for new naturals:

Part them the way you want them and be sure that’s how you want them. That’s the only part you can’t go back and change.

Keep your hair clean.

Take lots of pictures.

Do whatever you want with it.

Erik with dreadlocks

Meet new naturals.

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