Mr. Monday: Jonathan Craig

Jonathan Craig1

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Age: 27


Facebook: Knotlocks, Mobb Media

Twitter: @mobbmedia

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I have been growing my hair since 2006 but didn’t decide to get rid of the cornrows and start locking until 2008. I was influenced as a kid visiting Jamaica. I was always astonished by the long natural dreads that many Rastas wore. After doing a ton of research I began locking my hair with wax using the backcombing method. A few weeks later I was sick and tired of palm rolling every day. One day at work a woman mentioned to me that if you palm roll your hair that much it usually ends up breaking (bursting) the dread.

I went home and researched this and realized it does in fact happen. Discouraged, I combed/washed out my dreads and all the wax in hot water. (This works fine to remove all the wax built up when starting dreads.)

Jonathan Craig7

I began doing more research on how to make dreads, and this time around I came across the two-strand twist method. So I visited a family friend’s basement salon. She charged me $80 to section and twist my hair. This method proved to be a lot better from the start because my hair was sectioned properly and evenly at about 1/4 – 1/2 inch sections. The only downfall was with my texture. I am mixed race (black and white), which means my hair is light but coarse and nappy. This didn’t prove to be good as the twists never ended up locking, even after months of keeping them in.

Jonathan Craig

However, I didn’t want to take this set out because the sectioning was perfect. Then I discovered the interlock method and realized I could interlock the new growth of my twists. But my original twists were still not locking, so I simply undid each twist (the roots were still interlocked so it was safe to undo), knotted the two strands of loose hair, and sealed the ends with some wax and a crochet hook. Finally, I had a full set of locks that weren’t going to come out. Success.

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  1. Melissa says:

    SO TRUE about letting your hair do what it’s supposed to and, not playing and toying with it. Him and his hair are beautiful!

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      Yep, that and learning to do your hair yourself were my favorite pieces of advice. I agree…he has fabulous hair.

      Thaks for dropping by, sis.

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