Nappy Hair Curse Words

Words/phrases I don’t use as a natural:

  • good hair/bad hair
  • ugly stage
  • natural nazi/creamy crack

Check out my YouTube video for reasons why.


NHBG readers, what are your forbidden natural hair words and phrases?

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3 Responses so far.

  1. I like yours. I even cring when I hear other people say “good hair”
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  2. Vonica says:

    I have been perming for 30 years. I use the term creamy crack cause that is what I feel it is. I got insight this morning about my hair and the use of perms. I had long thick hair as a child and hated the straighten comb. At 13 I was finally able to convince my mom to let me perm my hair. The next morning my hair had come out as I slept just laying on the pillow. I usually say that after that I no longer cared about having long hair anymore. My revelation this morning is that when I began to perm my hair is when I began to curse it myself.

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