Who’s Natural In Your Family?

Nappy Headed Black Girl and Mom

I was chatting with a buddy on Twitter yesterday and he asked me if my mother has dreads.

She doesn’t but she is natural. (That’s her above.) She has a TWA and has been natural for about two years. We are the only two naturals in my family.

Although she’s not as fanatical into hair as I am, it’s nice to have someone to chat with about it.

I asked her why she decided to stop relaxing and she said she wanted to take a break from wearing fake hair. (She was supposed to say I inspired her but it’s all good.)

How many naturals are in your family? Are you the lonely only? Have you inspired any of them to stop relaxing?

(If you’d like to share a pic of you and your natural loved ones, stop by our fanpage.)

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  1. Stacie says:

    Four of my very close family members say that I encouraged them to stop relaxing their hair. It’s funny though, because two of them were not as pleased at first after i did the ‘big chop’ After they did it, hey inundated my phone with, “what did you put on your hair…it’s so pretty…yada yada.” I get tickled every time they ask. No one in my family is wears locs, but one friend says I encouraged her to loc her hair.

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      That’s great, Stacie. I’ve been natural for years and no one in my family bats an eye lol

      And yes, it’s funny how people come around once your hair starts to grow. The naysayers become believers real quick.

      Thank you for the compliment. I’ll tell Moms you showed us some love 🙂

  2. Stacie says:

    And I love the picture of you and your mother above…it is beautiful!!!

  3. Duke says:

    As far as my family, I believe I’m the only one that’s natural. I’ve had members that had locks & after a while, they cut them off (males only though).

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  5. Aliyah says:

    Everyone in my family on my Mom’s side are natural . On my dad’s side , some are permed . My family in the ATL are permed from my grandmom’s side. I’m natural too . My mom and I look like twins . We both big chopped and have short tight curly Afro hair .

  6. I’m natural . My mom is natural and everyone on my mom’s side are natural . Some family members on my dad side are permed and my family in Atlanta are permed.
    Aliyah Morrison recently posted..Naturals To Know: Ronnie TylerMy Profile

  7. I wear a twa just big chopped .
    Aliyah Morrison recently posted..Naturals To Know: Ronnie TylerMy Profile

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