Are You Natural For Life?

Whenever I picture myself in the future it’s always with natural hair. I can say with almost certainty that I won’t be relaxing again.


Many women wobble back and forth, wondering every other week if they should relax or not. I don’t have that issue. Even when I was transitioning, I never doubted my decision.


“Easier maintenance” is often cited as the reason for returning to the relaxer, but I find this to be untrue (in my case). I spent more time on my relaxed hair than I do now, and even more than when I was loose.


Are you natural for life? If no, why not? And if so, what do you think could change your mind? A loved one? New job?

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  1. loveandlocs says:

    I'm definitely natural for life….but not necessarily loc'd. I figure, if I crave a straightened style in the distance future, I'll get a press'n'comb (or perhaps they'll have revolutionized a new chemical-free way to straighten by then). But I'm over the lye…..

  2. nappyheadblkgrl says:

    Hey L&L!

    That's precisely how I feel. I've always wanted to get a short natural cut, like a low fade.
    My recent post Natural For Life

  3. I am natural for life. It’s been 10 years since I had a relaxer, and I have never wondered if I made the right decision. I did go from locks to loose natural hair. I may go back to locks or a short cut, but not back to straight hair.

    • I’m with you. It’s never been an issue for me. Sometimes it baffles me when ladies go back and forth every year. I mean, is that even enough time to know how you feel?

      Thanks for dropping by! I’ve bookmarked your site and will be returning the love…

  4. Thandi says:

    Natural for LIFE!This is freedom.When I had relaxed hair there was no way I could spend more than 2 years (which is what I’ve done now)without going to the salon!I love natural hair!Never going back.Maybe undo my locs once they pass BSL-which is so far away-just to get a chance to play with it.I went straight from relaxed hair to braidlocks so never got to experience loose napps.That’s the only thing I could picture myself doing..then locing it again!

    • I hear this a lot from naturals who never had time to experiment with their loose hair. For many of us, we feel like we missed out on something.

      I’m glad I transitioned, although I wish I had cut it all and started from scratch. Now I’m itching for a nappy fade!

      Thanks for dropping by 😉

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