Naturals To Know: Nkosikazi

Natural Hair Interview: Nkosikazi Gatsheni

How long have you been a natural? Did you transition? If so, how?

I have always been a natural. It was either a short cut or a natural afro. My mother favoured natural hair so it was something that was embedded in me.


How long have you had your locks? What made you decide to get them?

I have had my locks now for six years. A few years ago I read about a natural hair stylist and natural African hair care product developer named Jabu. He inspired me to grow my locks. I also wanted to see how long my hair can really grow.


Describe your hair in three words.

Free, black, roots.


What is your hair routine? Do you have particular products you swear by?

I wash my locks every three days. Once a month I go to a dreadlock specialist to crochet them for separation purposes. I do not like styles that pull or twist the locks hard as this is not good for the root (long term effect).

I only use Jabu Stone products for natural African hair. I vouch for the product line as it aims to promote natural hair care and pride in natural looks and heritage to Africans worldwide.

Natural Hair Interview: Nkosikazi Gatsheni

Name one thing that you learned about your hair after becoming a natural.

I have always been natural, but the one thing I learned about my hair after growing locks is that hair is a very spiritual thing. I have grown so attached to them that I do not see myself without my locks; I would feel naked without them.


Where can we connect with you online?

You can find me on Facebook (Nkosikazi Gatsheni) and LinkedIn.


Any advice for new naturals?

Love your hair and it will love you, too. This is who you are, what nature intended you to be. Be one with your natural self.

Natural Hair Interview: Nkosikazi Gatsheni

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