Naturals To Know: Taki

Taki TWA

How long have you been natural? Did you transition? How?

I have had natural hair on and off [for years]. I was completely natural until i was 18. When I got to college, I conformed to the trend and got my first relaxer. Over the years I would big chop and go natural only to relax again. I finally decided no more relaxer in 2008 and I haven’t looked back!


Describe your hair in three words.

Clean, fun, simple.


You recently chopped off your dreads to rock a fierce baldie. What made you take the leap? 

Hair has always felt like an accessory to me, like jewelry. It’s not an arm or a leg so doing ‘drastic’ things doesn’t phase me. Cutting my 4 year old locs was a very spontaneous decision. I woke up one night to use the bathroom, found a pair of nail scissors, and started chopping….

Taki dreadlocks updo

How do you maintain your look?

My husband is a barber and takes care of my hair. I have it lined weekly and faded biweekly. He’s so supportive and has never had a negative word to say about my hair styles or choices.

I’m very active. I walk twice a day and also get on my treadmill three times a week. I sweat a lot! I like the feeling of being clean so I wash my hair daily.

I am a recovering product junkie. My two favorite products at the moment are Fantasia Shea Butter Oil Moisturizer and Clairol Herbal Essences Smooth Collection shampoo.  I chose these two products for a very shallow reason: They both smell so very very good! Since my hair is  low I don’t feel the need to condition.


Where else can we find you online?

Twitter: @Live4derby

Instagram: /live4derby/

Youtube: /proud2banurse


A final word of advice for new naturals?

Enjoy your hair. Walk with your chin up. You and your hair are beautiful. Join forums to get advice and guidance from other naturals, and support each other.

 Taki bald head Caesar, natural hair

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