Notice Anything Missing?

notice anything missing?


As I’ve mentioned before, I have a crapload of thin dreads throughout my head. Some of them are hanging on for dear life.

I’ve been putting off combining them for the longest time because I’m gonna document the process on YouTube.

Yesterday I found a particularly slim one begging for mercy. I knotted it with a neighboring dread.

No problem.

Then I decided to cut the excess hair from where they were knotted.


fallen soldiers


I know what you’re thinking. Stevie Wonder coulda seen that one coming, right?

I didn’t cry or panic or anything like that. I was just shocked to be holding two dreads that had been on my head two minutes ago.

As you can see from the first pic, you can’t even notice they’re gone. However, it’s a sizable chunk of hair:

loose hair

I figure I have three options:

  1. reattach them
  2. two-strand twist the hair and let it dread from that
  3. do nothing and let it form on its own

I’m leaning heavily toward one but I’d like to hear from you guys first.

What’s your suggestion? I don’t care about how it looks, I just want them strong and healthy.

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  1. I did that when I had locs. I combined some, and then I would cut one end off. There was a time or two when I snipped in the wrong place. I just retwisted them, and started over.

  2. Ness says:

    Just two-strand them and let them be, let them loc on its own. I’ve tried combining some of all that loose hair, but i feel like it’s more trouble than what it’s worth (it never stays in place), i find retwisting them to be easier and you see more results.

  3. Thanks, ladies. That’s exactly what I did, twisted the loose hair.

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