An Essay On Self Acceptance

black girl crying

This all-too-familiar essay about learning to love yourself popped up in my social media feed this week. Check it out.

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I Won a Liebster Award

Liebster Award badge

The Liebster Award celebrates smaller blogs in the blogosphere and helps you discover new sites. So click the link and let’s get to know each other better.

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2016 New Year YouTube Giveaway

2016 new year giveaway

Start the new year with some free stuff. Chea!

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Naturals To Know: Taki

Taki bald head Caesar, natural hair

Meet longtime natural and friend of the family Taki. She’s had a TWA, dreadlocks, and now a baldie. Read on for her routine and advice for new naturals.

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Ball On A Budget With The Weave Loan Store

The Weave Loan Store

The Weave Loan Store is exactly what it sounds like. Can’t afford to buy your weave hair upfront? Put it on loan. It’s the American way.

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