Summer Resolutions


Photo courtesy Queen’s University Goodness gracious…Where has the summer gone?! I don’t believe it’s already the last week of May. School starts next week!  Summer’s passing much too quickly. I haven’t even started any of my summer resolutions yet! Yes, you read that correctly…I have summer resolutions (hey, summer/new year’s, […]

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When You’re Strange

when you're strange

(Click here for movie trailer) When You’re Strange is a documentary about The Doors, one of the most controversial bands of the 60’s. It’s written and directed by Tom DiCillo and narrated by Johnny Depp. What makes this stand out from previous Doors films is the raw, never-before-seen band footage. But what […]

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3 Reason Why I Love My Dreads

i love my hair

Video Summary: They’re quick They’re cheap They keep me looking fly! Click the video, and then let me know: What are 3 things you love about your hair?

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I’m Famous! I’m Famous! (No autographs, please)

i'm famous!

Oh, snap! Nappyheadedblackgirl is coming up in the world! Today we’re celebrating…drum roll please…my very first loc feature! Check me out on locentricity. This blog, run by LadyLock, is an excellent resource for dreadheads. Lots of videos, inspriational photos and information for fellow locers. So, what’s the verdict? Did I […]

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3 Free Books a Month from Crown Publishing

read it forward

If you’re a lit lover like me, you’l love this new site my mother turned me on to. Read It Forward lets readers request copies of any 3 soon-to-be-published new books each month for free. Each book has an online excerpt so you can determine if it’s something of interest. To […]

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