How To Protect Your Hair While Wearing A Weave

Shampoo your hair

After removing your weave

  • Please do not keep your weave in more than eight weeks. A weave is meant to be a temporary style, not a permanent solution. You start to compromise the health of your natural hair if you leave your weave in for too long.
  • Be gentle when removing your braids or wefts. If done incorrectly this step can cause breakage. Use a bit of oil to loosen up your braids to make removal smoother. Here’s a good reference video for those removing a full net weave sew-in.
  • Once the hair is removed, you need to gently detangle your natural hair before washing it. Spray water mixed with a conditioner or a bit of water and oil and detangle with your fingers before going back with a wide tooth comb. And remember to always detangle from the ends up to eliminate knots and tangles.
  • Determine if you need a trim. Ideally your hair has been nursed and protected for weeks. However, you may have dry ends or want a trim even things up.
  • Let your hair rest. Weaves, braids, and extensions place stress on your hair no matter how much care is taken. I suggest waiting at least two weeks before installing another weave.

Do you have any tips for weave success? Let us know in the comments.

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We care about your natural hair.

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7 Responses so far.

  1. ImNappy says:

    #1 is SOO important, one must do the research on a professional to install, if the professional does a poor job;then everything after is a fail…good post

  2. Mageesh says:

    I needed this because i am currently wearing a sew in and it is actually my first time. so thank you i am gotin to try the apple cider on my sweave because its been feelig alittle stiff hope it helps i payed alot for this hair lol. ur the best have a great day

    • Hi, sis. I’m glad you’re taking the steps to keep your hair healthy. Weaves in themselves aren’t bad…it’s not keeping them in shape that causes damage.

      Thanks for dropping by. Come back and let us know how the ACV works for you.

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  4. jmoss says:

    Hi its my first time wearing a weave and now my hair is graying. How do i just dye the gray without getting it on the weave? Please answer soon.

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