Second Day Hair

After entertaining company for a few hours after the Image Awards I was tired and worn out. The plan was to keep my curls for at least the weekend. Normally I’d throw on my trusty stain bonnet and that would be enough to preserve the curls, no sleeping cute required:

satin bonnet

I haven’t worn my bonnet in forever, though, so I couldn’t find it. I may have even thrown it away celebrity fashion gallery I knew the style wouldn’t last with me sleeping normally, so I was prepared to throw in the towel and just wash them out the next day.

Then Moms suggested I simply roll them back up dry. I didn’t think it would work without rewetting them (which I didn’t have the energy to do). But, as usual, mom knew best japanese smileys

Here’s the before:

lock loops before

And the after:

lock loops results

lock loops results 1

lock loops

This makes me love my Lock Loops even more. It took me less than 30 minutes to roll my hair, I didn’t have to worry about rolling them in the same direction, and I didn’t have a problem sleeping in them. I may start using them more often.

If you missed the tutorials, click here for my Lock Loops video and here for my Lock Loops blog post.

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  1. […] I think I’ve only used my Lock Loops twice since my first time. My hair’s grown since then but I still used the same amount of loops. These curls remain one of my favorite styles, mainly due to simplicity and comfort (I slept in them without a problem). They even looked good for days to come. […]

  2. I feel like my locs are thinning especially @ the roots and I don’t know why since I don’t twist or manipulate them. I put my locs in a pony tail only once a week as not to further weaken the roots. I’ve been locd for 2 years and have been freeforming for over a year. Any thoughts or suggestions?

  3. Can washing locs often contribute to thinning/ weakened locs?

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      Yes, ma’am. Washing is manipulation, so it can definitely contribute to weak roots.

      Also, do you separate your roots? You know our hair is most vulnerable when wet, so all the friction may worsen the problem.

      And is it all over or in certain parts of your head. I have some thin spots also, but I’ve realized that some areas of my head have a naturally looser/straighter/weaker pattern than other parts. The dreads in that area have to be larger simply because the texture is different.

      Thanks for asking this. I think I may need to do a post about it.

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