Solange Says “So Long” To Carol’s Daughter

Solange Knowles Carol's Daughter Ad

It’s official…Solange is no longer holding it down for the Carol’s Daughter naturals. During her recent interview with Lurve magazine, Solange dropped the news and spoke a little about her infamous Twitter rant:


I’m actually no longer a part of Carol’s Daughter, but throughout my entire time working with them, I was constantly fighting for the right message to be heard. The message that, the way we wear our hair is a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong way; one way doesn’t make us more intelligent, or more superficial, and every one makes that choice for very different reasons.

I made some comments on Twitter recently about an article someone sent me[…]that mentioned how certain commenters were debating on the texture of my hair in its natural state.

I really, truly was not even aware that there was a natural hair system in place to measure the texture of your hair. At that point I thought to myself, ‘This is really crazy. That these people know more about my hair than the human that even carries it!’ I went to my Twitter and sort of impulsively expressed that. I don’t regret it one bit, but sometimes trying to put how you feel in an one-hundred forty character structure is not really successful. […] I’m actually really trying to navigate my feelings on the entire hair issue and it’s tough doing that publicly.

It sounds to me like Solange was thrust into a position she’s not quite ready to take on. She’s still navigating the natural hair waters and trying to figure out where she stands on the issues.

And I can’t believe she didn’t know of any type of hair system. Even if you don’t abide by it, surely as a natural you’ve heard the terms. It’s like CD blindly chose the first celebrity they saw with natural hair without any regard to if she actually knew anything about naps or her opinions on them.

I think as a spokesperson you have to: a) Always be cognizant of how you represent the company and b) actually believe in and stand for what you’re selling (or do a darn good job pretending).

I’m not surprised at all that she’s no longer with CD. I wonder if they’ll find another natural to replace her.

NHBG family, are you sad to see Solange go? Did you see this coming? Or do you think they her leaving is a mistake?

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  1. Jonelle Doss says:

    She said she didn’t know there was a system that could measure the texture of your hair. I didn’t know either. But I don’t blame her for leaving. I don’t really care for Carols. Daughter anyway. They came out initially claiming to be all natural products, and they aren’t. CB products aren’t the best out there but that’s not the point.How a person wears their hair is a personal choice just like who you vote for or what you wear. Having someone force their opnion on you about which way to do those things can be overwhelming for some. She is a new natural and she needs to be given a chance to become one with that choice or maybe make a different decision all together. I said all that to say I respect her decision no matter what it is.

    • I agree with everything you said and that’s exactly my point. I don’t think she was ready to be a natural hair spokesperson.

      When you’re getting paid to do something then yes, you have to adhere to their image and their standards. Her tweets, although true and totally applicable, were, IMO, unprofessional and tacky.

      Hair in general is big in our community; having natural hair is scrutinized even more. Couple that with being in the spotlight and yeah, I just think she became overwhelmed.

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