Suggestions Needed – Dating And Dreadlocks

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I need your help, fam.

I’m working on a post about dating and dreads. If you have dreads or have ever dated someone with them, please comment with any conerns/questions/issues you may have had.

Are you concerned about their professionalism? Maintenance? Hygiene? Are they a relationship breaker?

Anything goes. Let me know what’s on your mind.

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  1. Blaquegoddess says:

    I have been loc*ed for awhile and happy to say my Ex and my DUDE now are both loc’ed as well .Funny thing my partner now always wanted locs but never had any clue how to get them done and I started his. I once had a guy I dated who was loc’ed and never dated a woman with natural hair until me. This guy kept his hands in my hair all the time. Now I have been on the negative of this where a guy said I was to black meaning culture hair and helping in this natural re-evolution. So I guess it just depends on where you are in your journey personaly I ‘ve been nappy since before it was cute to be so I’m way pass what anyone thinks I’M FIERCE & FABULOUS 2SNAPS 4ALL THE NAPPYHEADED BLACK GIRLS !

    • Amen! *snap snap*

      It’s funny that you mention the guy thinking you were too black. I do find that as a natural I receive a lot more “beautiful black sista” and “Nubian queen” references.

      I’m glad you didn’t let that idiot dissuade you from rocking your natural hair. Since you’ve become a dreadhead do you find yourself actively seeking men with dreads or are they more drawn to you?

  2. yvette ford says:

    I am a new Dreadhead… starter locs 1 month 4 days old. Started them while broken up with my current boyfriend for an entire month 1/2. I think me deciding to dread was my own choice to be who I want to be and everyone can take it or leave it. I am wondering what he is thinking of my fuzzy budding mane. Not that it really matters. I also lost weight in this month 1/2 while on hiatus… he did mention my weight loss last night. I am 46 yrs old and too old for conforming to what someone else wants me to be. Take me as I am totally or Get Lost! My Nappy head and my shrinking/fit body is me taking full control of me… patience and discipline.

  3. Brandon says:

    I have been celibate for over a year now. Ever since starting my dreads October 8th. 2012 I have received less and less looks from women. I don.t know if it.s what I am projecting or if people just are not feeling the hair, but for me it has been rough. I had less problems when I had an afro with getting women, but when I went dreadlocks it was all over for a love life. I guess it.s about patience and I respect that. I also respect myself enough to wait until the vibration is right to have a woman. I am NOT about that retwist life either, I know that is a big factor too…

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      Yeah, as a fellow freeformer I have to agree that the wild look isn’t appealing to everyone lol

      That’s odd about the love life, though. I’m thinking maybe it has to do with the vibe/aura you’re putting out. They say you attract what you put out. Maybe when you were sexually active you attracted a different kind of woman, that’s all.

      I’m also assuming if you’re celibate that you’re more discerning about the type of woman you deal with, and maybe what you find attractive has changed also. All of this, IMO, can affect who steps to you, ya know?

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