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Missouri Artist Creates Dolls With Vitiligo

Looking for a doll that represents your child who has albinism or vitiligo? Artist Kay Black has you covered.

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And The Giveaway Winner Is…


Did you win my latest giveaway? Click here to find out *fingers crossed*

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Throwback Thursday: The Cast Of “A Different World”

A Different World Cast

Yesterday the cast of A Different World came together thanks to Oprah. Could a reunion show be in the works?

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My Wheel Of Fortune Experience

Wheel Of Fortune Logo

I had a once-in-a-lifetime experience on “Wheel Of Fortune.” Watch my highlight clip and see how I did.

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Resolutions, Smesolutions

Happy 2013

And so it begins again. The promises to make this year the best one ever. Going hard for the first few weeks and then slowly slipping back into old habits. Looking at my failed list from last year and hanging my head in shame. No more, I tell ya. Enough […]

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