Ball On A Budget With The Weave Loan Store

The Weave Loan Store

So, yeah, this really happened.

A store just opened in Detroit that will loan you money to buy hair extensions.

Need a fly weave but don’t have the money to make it happen? Living the champagne lifestyle on a ginger ale budget? No worries. They got your back.

Singer Rihanna with long blond hair.

Shine bright like a diamond in 3 easy steps.

The new establishment, creatively called…wait for it… The Weave Loan Store, promises a fast, easy process regardless of credit history.

The application is similar to a regular loan or rental application with the addition of a type/length of hair box.

They even have a cute little video that explains the entire process. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.


I think as a black woman I’m supposed to be appalled and disgusted but…I’m not.

The general consensus on the innanets is if you can’t afford a weave without taking out a loan, then you need to rethink life.

But I could say the same about $300 car notes or paying monthly on an $800 cell phone.

I’m sleep though.

If anything I’m more offended by the horrible blond Mary J. Blige weave ya girl is wearing in the video. Everyone can’t do blond, boo.

Busted blond weave

And I know I’m not the only who noticed that the customer is black but all the people in a position to approve the loan were white #staywoke

At any rate, if a long, flowing Brazilian weave is what you want to feel fabulous and get your life, do what you do.

And while you’re at it, get a few extra dollars for me. I’m good for it. Promise.

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