What Non-Naturals Think About Natural Hair

I found this interesting video on Redmoonrabbit98’s YouTube channel. As part of a discussion about black women and natural hair, they decided to hit the streets and interview a few people.

I wasn’t surprised by most of the comments; it was just a lot of the usual: natural hair looks dirty, nasty, unfeminine, etc. (Is it sad that this didn’t shock me coming from my own people?)

What did catch me off guard, however, was that people actually said relaxing hair is part of black culture. smiley emoticons

This essentially means they believe relaxing is something that defines black people, a shared practice that characterizes us.

It’s at once ironic and sad that permanently straightening our hair -a practice that alters one of the very features characteristic of many blacks- is seen as one of our defining attributes by some.

And wow, where did they find the men at?! One admits he has no experience with natural hair while simultaneously denouncing it.  Smiley

And the other agrees that relaxing is a form of self-hatred but in another breath says he prefers it to “rooted up, dirty, nappy hair.” 

So, NHBG readers, what do you think of this video? Does it even surprise you?

Do you think these opinions are pretty representative of most non-naturals? Do you agree with any of them?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I just came across your site on my many several hours long excursions on youtube…led me to this. Wow – I don't even know where to start with the video –
    1. A man with what looks like kinky/curly hair saying that said kinky/curly hair looks "dirty" or "nasty"
    2. Preferences for long hair, without recognizing that such "long flowing" hair will not exist under chemically straightened abuse
    3. Women who don't think its self-hatred to admit to "hating" or thinking very lowly of the very hair that you are naturally born with – not liking how they look with said hair
    4. Relating the beauty of said hair to the skin colour of the person wearing it, so that the only attractive people with said natural hair are those who are 'lighter-skinned'
    5. I could make a whole list of these, but the sound of the blood boiling in my ears prevented me from noting down all the insane, ridiculous, SELF-HATING, ugliness that I heard in the video. I mean, really? I guess I tend to spend time with people who are not ignorant, so I forget that there is a whole population of the ignorant who are still in existence. Wow! Wow! Thanks for sharing!

  2. nappyheadblkgrl says:

    Hi, Sarah!
    Yeah, I can't even bring myself to get upset over ignorance like this anymore. It's so ingrained in our heads that sometimes I feel like it's a losing battle.

    Now I'm just more frustrated and saddened than anything else. It doesn't bother me that they look at my head and see an ugly nappy mess; it bothers me that they see their nappy hair the same way.

    lol @ your "several hours long excursion on YouTube"…trust me, I can relate 😉

    Thanks for dropping by!
    My recent post Got Natural Hair Theres An App For That!

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