What’s Wrong With This Mizani UK Ad?

Mizani UK Facebook Post

Before you continue reading, scroll back up and look over the ad. It was placed on the Mizani UK Facebook page and immediately ruffled some feathers.

Do you see it? Can you find the things that make you go…hmmm?

Let’s discuss, shall we?

First, did this professional hair company really just offer a free paddle brush as a gift for an ad marketed to people with kinky/nappy hair?

Toy Story

I guess the plan is to make us brush ourselves bald so need to come back for their services.

Not a good strategy.

The second (and most offensive) issue is the use of one simple word: excessively.

The ad crowns the two featured stylists “the premium and professional experts for Afro and excessively curly textured hair.”

Let’s break this down with some help from The Free Dictionary:

Excessive describes a quantity, amount, or degree that is more than what is justifiable, tolerable, or desirable.


You can imagine the hubbub  this caused on the internet. Why not just say kinky hair? Or highly textured?

So how do I feel about this ad? Honestly, I’m more upset with the paddle brush offer than the wording.

I understand why others are peeved and I understand why I should be. Really, I get it.

But I can’t say that it bothers me.

What do you think of this ad? Are you offended? Should Tony & Guy be stripped of their crowns?

Let’s talk hair.

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  1. MsKat says:

    I would suppose they achieved the giant fake afro with that paddle brush, huh? Offering a paddle brush was tacky, not using a hairstyle that is much closer to natural was tacky, and using the term ‘excessively curly textured hair’ was insulting. Back to the drawing board with them…

    • Right? I mean, is that even that lady’s real hair? lol

      I don’t think they meant any harm; I just think they didn’t know any better.

      Take a look at their site. (I refuse to link to it.) Not a Negroid face in the bunch SMH

      • MsKat says:

        Oh, I remember them from back when I was a cosmetologist, so I won’t be going to take a peek…I did hair for all nationalities but the salon was in a predominantly Afrocentric area, and not a single one of us ever even considered buying their products.

  2. cb says:

    these major companies see $$$ in the natural community and they want a piece. They are not researching the community these companies do not care if they offend us, all they see is $$$$. I hope our community is smart enough not to fall for it

    • Agreed. Although, like I said above, I don’t think the insult was intentional. I believe it’s more ignorance that anything else.

      Either way, they have the money and resources to know better or hire someone who can tell them better. I mean, isn’t Shanghai Shinowa their spokesperson? C’mon, son.

      • MsKat says:

        I agree with what you both said-they are in it for the money, and while it may not have been an intentional insult they really could have, after being in business ALLLLLLL this time, hired a marketer who would do some research of their target audience before they came up with this bright idea. I have a feeling they just had the same people they already had try to come up with something without actually considering the entire customer base they are trying to reach.

  3. excessively?


    this is why i don’t buy any of their products
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