What’s Your Motivation?

…I am three months in and caring for my dreads myself…There have been times when I would feel like they were not acting right, or I was doing something wrong. But this helped me to realize that they are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing…and I am better at this than I thought, so thank you!
…I have a nine year old daughter who has decided subconsciously to freeform…The family members are all giving me sh*t about it though. So I asked my daughter “are u happy” she smiles big and says “Yes I love my hair”…after talking with her and watching your video I wanted to tell all those naysayers to shut up and leave us alone and our hair. Now I’m freeforming with her and I am so happy!

These are excerpts from two letters that I recently received in my inbox. And you know what? They made my day.

Helping people learn, appreciate and care for their natural hair is one of the motivations behind NHBG.

When I first started getting into hair online, before I even stopped relaxing, it was more about learning all that I could. I posted questions on hair forums and soaked up everything I found concerning hair.

Now that I’ve been in the game for a bit, it’s more about giving back.

I never claim to know everything about hair but my hope is to pass on the stuff that I do know.

There is so much ignorance floating around about natural hair, misinformation masquerading as truth. If I can help dispel even one myth, one stereotype, then I’m doing my part to change that.

What motivates you to blog? What inspires your YouTube channel?

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Get motivated.


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  1. I think about how lost I was when I started out. There weren’t a bunch blogs and YouTube channels. I had one book to give me tips. That was it.

    I am not an expert either, but I can share what I know, I can connect them with people who do know, or I can find an answer. I just like being able to be of assistance to others.
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  2. Thandi says:

    Hmm.my blog started off focusing only on locs because in SA we don’t have any other type of locs except traditional locs (ie done via palm-rolling/twisting by a stylist in a salon) and I wanted to empower ladies specifically in South Africa.At the same time,I wanted to show that natural hair DOES grow and is EASY to take care of.There’s a persistent myth that in order to grow your hair,you need to use chemicals.

  3. zainab1 says:

    Emails just as the ones you posted here. I have recieved 1 or 2 of those types of emails myself. And, your 100% correct its a wonderful feeling helping another fabulous natural along in sharing such a wonderful journey.

    This along with being…… my own inspiration 🙂

    Take care

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  4. Yeah, I like being my own inspiration, too. It feels good to look at my own hair and like what I see because so many aspire to have their hair look like someone else’s.

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