My Wheel Of Fortune Experience

My Wheel Of Fortune Experience

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Below is a video of my Wheel Of Fortune highlight (you can also watch it on YouTube), which aired Jan 3rd, 2013. I’m just a tad bit late posting o_0

Read about how I enjoyed my prize here.

And before you post that question, here’s a list of the ones I’m always asked:

Did you make it to the bonus round?

No. *insert sad face* The other lady did. She won two brand new cars.


Is the wheel heavy?

Heck yeah. They let you practice spinning it beforehand.


How did you get on the show?

I applied online and they called me back. I went in for an audition with about 50 other people at a hotel. We played a mock game and then some of us were asked to stay and take a written test. A few weeks later they called me with a show date.


Did you meet Vanna?

Me and Vanna White


Did you have fun?

Actually, I was uber nervous. I don’t do well in front of audiences. My voice was shaking and I was sweating like crazy. By the time I went up I was just ready to get it over with.


How long did it take?

I was there from 8 am to about 3:30 or 4. They do eight shows a day. You get randomly chosen for teams and then randomly picked to tape. My group was next to last (7th).


So what all did you win?

A trip to Hawaii and $6,500. (The trip was roundtrip airfare, 7 days 6 nights accommodations and $1,000 for incidentals.)


Did you have to pay taxes on your winnings?

Of course. This is America.




The guy I played with, Danny, was an Olympic bobsledder in 2002.

One of the guys who was in the first group won the showcase on The Price Is Right when he was 17. And guess what? He made it to the bonus round this day and won an Audi.

Have you ever been on a game show? Which one and how’d you do?

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  1. ~L says:

    Congratulations!! That’s so exciting. A trip to Hawaii and cash…sounds like a good day. I would be so nervous to go on a game show. My only tv appearance was an episode of the Bozo the Clown show when I was a kid. There was a bunch of us and I didn’t have to speak.

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