California Yoga Studio Hosts Ghetto Fabulous Class

yoga class

Yes, this really happened. In 2013.

This is a repost of the original piece, which appeared on

A yoga studio [Power of Your Om Yoga Studio] in Santa Barbara, California,  recently held a “Ghetto Fabulous” yoga class. In preparation, students were instructed to wear cornrows, snapback caps and heavy lipliner along with their lululemon leggings. The invite promised to provide “various costumes” — there was a do-rag giveaway, attendees said — and “guaranteed belly laughs.”


For inspiration, they literally linked to a “How to Be Ghetto Fabulous” article from WikiHow.


white girl with grill

Look, ma. I’m ghetto!

After fans (and the offended) lit up the studio’s Facebook page the owner issued an apology thanking posters for the “eye-opening discussion” and apologizing for “singling out any group of human beings.”

Translation: “I didn’t realize that playing dress up as a stereotypical caricature was offensive. And really, I didn’t think anyone would find out. I’m not racist. Honest. My nanny is black.”

Lawdhammercy. Between this and the Sheryl Underwood tomfoolery… I’m through.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I see you Black woman on the far right…

  2. Whitney says:

    One day that sorry excuse is gonna really backfire on people. The few black folks that were in that class should have spoken up or not participated.
    Whitney recently posted..Pinterest WednesdayMy Profile

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      I wonder if they’re black Americans, though. I know a lot of black people from other countries don’t really relate to us. Maybe they didn’t feel like they were being targeted.

      • Melissa says:

        You’re right. That’s true. My father is American, my mother isn’t. But, she would still be offended by this mess of a “class”.

  3. MsKat says:

    One day folks will wake up and realize they’re laughing AT us, not WITH us…
    I have noticed a definite uptick in these derogatory behaviors and comments since our President was elected to office…kind of made people vocalize what they have been holding in for so long, perhaps? SMH

  4. cb says:

    it’s the President fault…lol…the black woman in the pic isn’t black…no way with this group

  5. Ras says:

    I’m not as shocked by the stunt as I am that it happened at a yoga studio. Whoever runs this place as well as its members have a long way to go as true practitioners of yoga. Obviously they do not adhere to the yoga lifestyle. just into the cool pants and poses.

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