3 Newbie Natural Hair Mistakes

Newbie Natural Hair Mistakes

This is a picture of me back in my early natural days. I was just figuring out what my hair needed and how to correctly take care of it. Here are three important things I learned along the way.

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  • Product Overload

I know how hard it can be deciding what products to use on your newly natural mane. I remember being overwhelmed at the sheer amount of choices I found online. Shea butter, coconut oil, popular conditioners, Biotin pills, … I tried it all. And none of it worked.

Why It’s Dangerous:

You’ll never figure out what your hair truly needs to grow and flourish if you’re using a million products at once. Less is more. Start out with a few products and go from there. You also run the risk of clogging your pores by using too many products, which can lead to stunted hair growth and limp, dull strands.

 Overmanipulating Hair

  • Style Overkill

This mistake can be a  hard one to resist. It’s nice to no longer have to depend on your stylist to do your hair, but be careful of doing too much and the styles you choose. Hand-In-Hair disease is real…and can have tragic consequences.

Why It’s Dangerous

Kinky hair is very fragile and must be handled with care. Too much stretching, tugging, and picking can lead to breakage, the #1 culprit of hair growth. Be careful which styles you rock and how often you switch it up. Try to opt for low manipulation styles like twists and knot-outs.

 Heat Tools

  • Heat Abuse

Maybe you’re having a harder time than you’d like dealing with your hair in its natural state. Or perhaps you just like the look of big hair. A little blow drying and flat ironing never hurt anyone, right? Wrong.

Why It’s Dangerous

Heat tools like blow dryers, flat irons, and hot combs suck moisture from your hair. Consequences can include dry, brittle locks, breakage, and even permanently straightened hair. There’s nothing wrong with wanting straight hair. But try safer alternatives to achieve it, like a set-and-wrap or banding.

(And remember there is no fool-proof way to prevent heat damage. Every time you use heat you risk permanently altering your strands.)


Your turn, fam. What mistakes did you make as a new natural?

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7 Responses so far.

  1. Zainab 1 says:

    Great post!

    Product overload. Learned quickly that I didn’t like greasy, limp hair. Thanks for posting. Take care.
    Zainab 1 recently posted..~ SHOE CANDY ~My Profile

  2. Marie Young says:

    Not trimming my hair like I should. I don’t care how many natural ppl you you can go longer without a trim, dont believe it! get your trims ladies!
    Marie Young recently posted..Pinspiration: The Perfect FlareMy Profile

    • Welcome to NHBG, Marie.

      A lot of naturals trim as a leftover habit from their relaxed days.

      Did you trim on a schedule as a preventative measure or did you actually survey your ends first and trim when necessary?

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  4. Jenni says:

    My biggest mistake was using the wrong tools and products for my hair out of an assumption that it’d be the same type as my mother’s. My hair is very different (eczema, different texture, finer strands) and needs different care.

    • Yes, a lot of new naturals mistakenly think their hair is like their parent’s, especially if they haven’t seen their natural texture in a while.

      I’m glad you figured out what your hair really needs. Thanks for commenting.

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