3 Reasons I Love Natural Hair

3 Reasons I Love Natural Hair

I’ve been natural for a minute now. In the beginning I didn’t know what to expect or if I’d stick with it. Now, years later, I know I’ll be nappy for life.

Why? Well, for a million reasons. But let’s start with these three…

two types of afros

  • Natural hair has endless textures

Nappy, wavy, curly, kinky…natural hair can be any or all of these. Unlike with straight hair, the same style can look completely different on two different naturals because we each have unique twists and kinks and naps. I’m in awe of the beautiful heads of hair I post on my Facebook page.

Natural hair is like waiting for Beyonce’s new single to drop: You don’t’ know what you’re gonna get but you know it’ll be fabulous.


  • It’s unapologetic 

I love seeing you rock your glory. It makes me all warm and tingly inside. Natural hair is big and bold and beautiful and unashamed. It’s Rihanna in a sea of Taylor Swifts. No hiding, no apologies, no excuses. When I see you I wanna give you some dap. What up, fam?

I don’t know about you but my natural hair makes me walk a little taller. Yes, dear, this is me. Eat it.

natural hair community

  • The community is spectacular

I’ve met some of the coolest people at natural hair conventions, through YouTube, and in online hair forums like Nappturality. Being natural means you’re a member of a thriving community full of support, wisdom, and encouragement.

We’re here for you when you big chop, when you rock it in public for the first time, and when you finally perfect that twistout. It’s all love, baby.

Your turn. What do you like about being #TeamNatural?

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  1. Lashuntrice says:

    I like being natural because the textures are what is naturally going through my head. I don’t have to add chemicals to obtain the look. It’s just a part of me that I embrace because it’s not going anywhere.
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  2. Alisha says:

    I love my natural hair too! Heck even the same hairstyle on one person can look totally different over a week…forget two different heads! LOL
    Alisha recently posted..Help Me Celebrate Pharr Away’s Blogiversary for a Chance to win $200!My Profile

  3. Sandra foulks says:

    I need some tips on going back natural from relaxer.

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