4 Natural Hair Bandwagons I’m Not Here For


Learning your natural hair, especially as a newbie, can be a costly and confusing process.

You know the routine: BC, visit all the popular hair sites for advice, watch every YouTube video ever made about natural hair, and try out all the “must-have” products and natural hair techniques.

As you become more comfortable and knowledgeable about your hair you realize what works for everyone else may not work for you.

I, like many of you, have wasted countless dollars and precious time riding bandwagons that ultimately proved to be not for me.

Here’s my list of natural hair holy grails that I can do without.


Apple Cider Vinegar

  • ACV Rinses

I’ve experimented with this magical rinse sent down from the anti-buildup gods more than once with regular results. And by “regular” I mean I can achieve the same results with a plain ol’ clarifying shampoo. So now I save my ACVnatural ingredients for cooking and stick to Suave for any buildup issues.

shea butter

  • Shea Butter

I know what you’re thinking…how dare I speak out against the almighty shea butter, nature’s elixir for beautiful, worry-free natural hair? Don’t get me wrong. Shea butter is wonderful for certain types of hair. For my fine hair, however, it’s much too heavy and leaves me with limp hair. I opt for oils and creamy leave-ins for sealing and moisture.

Aubrey Organics Conditioner

  • Co-washing

The main point of co-washing is to moisturize your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. I can do this by simply rinsing and applying a leave-in and/or oil. Doing it this way causes less stress on my hair (less manipulation and friction), saves time, and eliminates potential buildup/breakage caused by the conditioner.

spray bottle

  • Daily Moisture

I, like many, used to carry around my mini spritzer filled with filtered water and my oil mixture du jour, ready to be whipped out to refresh my naps at a moment’s notice. What I found was that spritzing multiple times a day accomplished one thing for me: wet hair. Now that I’ve developed a moisture routine that works, I no longer need to moisturize every day.


NHBG family, what are some natural hair bandwagons you don’t ride?

Join the NHBG movement.


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  1. Zainab 1 says:

    I agree with you apple cider vinegar was a no go for me too. After trying it a few times, it just wasn’t for me.

    Another of mine is the denman brush..Not feeling it at all.

    Another is constant protective styles. I do like to get my hair braided every now and then ( like maybe once every 2 years or so) And there are a wealth of very pretty protective styles but I like my hair out and about.

    I think that pretty much covers it. Take care.
    Zainab 1 recently posted..~ WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE ~My Profile

    • Girl, you already know what I think about the torutre device, AKA the denman lol

      Yeah, protective styles are all the rage in the natural hair world. You’re wearing an Afro? All your hair’s gonna fall out!

  2. Ann Marie says:

    I have had locs for 5 and a half years and I don’t use ANYTHING. I used to put oils and creams and even started them with beeswax (gasp), but they were always funny colored and had so much buildup. Now I just wash them with regular anti dandruff shampoo once a week and I’m good to go. And they are pretty dope if I say so myself 🙂 – Then again I am a really low maintenance girl.

    • I <3 you.

      I'm hoping to eventually transition to where you are or at least be able to use the same (natural) products on both my body and hair.

      Are you a freeformer? Do you have a web site? Online album? We need deets, ma'am.

  3. ~L says:

    Not a fan of cowashing, shea butter (unless it’s whipped and mixed with other ingredients). I’ve always been one to learn what works for me by trial and error.
    ~L recently posted..Meatless Monday: Avocado BurritoMy Profile

  4. ha ha great article and I love the title. although I totally disagree on the Aubrey LOL But you know me. I’m in love with the stuff. Hence, my latest post! LOL

    I can do without the ACV as well. I actually use a green tea cream rinse by guess who? Aubrey lol
    Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty recently posted..Necessary: Aubrey Organics Green Tea & Clay Facial MaskMy Profile

    • OK, I just read yuor latest post. You should be an AO spokesperson. Or they should at least break you off with some free products.

      So wait, they make a green tea rinse and facial mask? *off to research*

  5. Melany says:

    I can do without the whole hair typing/hair texture charting system. It’s good to know how to deal with your specific hair texture, but some people are just BOUND to that hair chart!

  6. Great post. You make a good point about co-washing– I can see how you could get the same results from simply rinsing your hair with water and then applying a moisturizer + sealant, minus the added buildup. I guess co-washing might be more for people whose hair craves a lot of moisture.
    Vanessa of Onyx Rose recently posted..New Box on the Block | “Natural Hair Box” + Your Chance to Win One!My Profile

  7. Tinuke says:

    I just hate the whole moisturizing and sealing process. People apply way too much products. I used to do that myself until I heard my fine hair crying:”enough is enough missy”. You are right about the daily moisturizing being unnecessary because it is:)
    Tinuke recently posted..Quick style/ protective hairstyleMy Profile

  8. alethea says:

    Daily moisture in locs and than sealing that moisture in with oil= mould

  9. cb says:

    I agree with everything

  10. Mary says:

    Love, love the post. I’ve been transitioning for 10 mos now. I am a fine hair girl too and just tried the shea butter/oil to twist—dull as ever. When my air was relaxed, I just rinsed on the days I worked out and shampooed 3x a wk without drying my hair out.

    • nappy headed black girl says:

      Welcome, Mary. Yep, heavey products like shea butter are things we fine-haired ladies have to be careful with. Now I stay away from butters altogether and use oils and cremes instead.

      What made you decide to transition?

  11. amethyst777 says:

    I actually like the clean feeling of the baking soda wash / ACV rinse. However, I don’t use it because it washes my hair color out and I’m just not ready to go gray! lol 🙂
    I use an all natural shampoo, made for locs. It’s over on http://www.dreadlockssite.com/main/ I’m not advertising it, just saying what I use. I love it. I think it has sea salt, beer, scent, and natural soap. It doesn’t leave any build up, which is the main thing. If I run out of that, I use baby shampoo. I also tend to change up what I use after a few washes, because it seems like my hair gets immune to it or something, maybe I just like the change 🙂
    I think you’re awesome and I love your page.

    • First of all, um yeah, this is so an endorsement lol No worries, though. We like discovering new products around here.

      The ingredients in that shampoo are interesting. I wonder why it’s promoted as a shampoo for new dreads. Are you a new dread? How long have you been using it?

  12. ruth blackmore says:

    hi, i’ve had my locs for seven years and i love them. i have used several products bees wax for twisting did not like,gell, did not like, so i just wash and twist not all the time with nothing i like my hair bushy becauce it is thin, i am using dr. miricle now to make my hair soft to the touch, will let you know how it work.

    • Hey, fam. Yes, please check back with the Dr. Miracle’s results. I’m curious to see if that stuff really works.

      I know a few people who also twist with no product. Plenty of people don’t realize that the product has nothing to do with the actual locing process.

      Thanks for commenting.
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  13. Michele Deckard says:

    I’ve had my dreads for 15 yrs and LOVE them. I use to use dread head shampoo for years but decided to switch because of scalp itchiness. I now use baking soda and water rinse 1x/wkly and a shea coconut oil blend to moisturize.

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