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Are You Eating For Your Hair’s Health?


My eating habits suck. I can’t help it. I’m a full-time student who pays her own tuition by working full-time. My money is funny. On the regular. I’m not thinking about how healthy my food is; I’m looking for something quick and cheap. This is an actual picture of my […]

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Locs Love Week on Mahogany Queen

mahogany queen

Are you looking for loc videos? Dread information? Interviews with fabulous natural divas? If so, be sure to check out Locs Love Week on Mahogany Queen’s blog. I have the honor of getting the festivities rolling 🙂 but I can’t wait to see what else is in store. So swing […]

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Do You Have Your “Dream Hair”?


Wow, what a small world! I was browsing one of my hair boards today and came across a “Loc Inspiration” thread. In it were pictures of various dreadheads -famous and non- posted by users. I came across this picture and had to pause for a second and smile. This is […]

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How To Take Pictures Of Your Hair

how to take hair pics

Use these basic tips to drastically improve the quality when you take pictures of your hair.

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Does Your Hair Smell…”Black”?

Stink face

  While browsing a beauty forum the other day, I came across a thread about good-smelling hair. The poster said one of the things that originally attracted her husband was her hair. He said it smelled wonderful, not like “typical black hair.” The first thing I did was *roll eyes* […]

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