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3 Reason Why I Love My Dreads

i love my hair

Video Summary: They’re quick They’re cheap They keep me looking fly! Click the video, and then let me know: What are 3 things you love about your hair?

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Short Nappy Dreads + Pipe Cleaners

curly hawk

I did it! I did it! I’ve finally done something that took more than 5 minutes to my hair. I didn’t do the style that I proposed in my previous post, although I will eventually attempt that one, too. I decided to try the pipe cleaners because it looked relatively […]

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My Hurr

hair update

A short, clear hair update with my new camcorder.

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A Hairstyle? What’s That?

a style?

2 ponytails = my idea of a style I’ve been feeling very…blah about my hair lately. It’s growing and it’s healthy, but I never do anything to it. So, guess what? I’m gonna attempt a style (Keyword being attempt!) Sistaanclyned’s video is my inspiration. Our hair is about the same […]

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